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Illinois Auditor General Downplays DUI

February 27th, 2013 at 11:08 am

LaraAccording to a recent article published by the Huffington Post, downstate Illinois police pulled over an allegedly drunk driver last Wednesday night and were surprised to find it was Illinois Auditor General William Holland.

The Springfield alt-weekly Illinois Times states that “Holland was cited in Sangamon County for improper lane usage and allegedly driving under the influence.”  Holland confirmed he received two tickets for the offenses around 11:45 p.m. Wednesday night.  He referred to the incident as “unfortunate.”

Sangamon County circuit clerk’s offices reports cited that police pulled Holland over in his 1999 red Ford after spotting him driving “erratically.”

The police report stated that the auditor general “had a very strong odor of alcohol beverage on his breath, red bloodshot, glassy eyes (and) failed all standard field sobriety tests.”

According to the Sun-Times, Holland refused to take a BAC breath test at the Sangamon County Jail and was eventually bailed on $100 by Springfield resident Amy Schmidt, whose link to Holland is not clear at this time.

Although his allegations are troubling, Holland seems to be taking it all fairly well.

Holland told the Tribune, “I was in my own car.  It was not a state vehicle.  There was nobody else with me.  I was on my own time.  I’m happy to say there was no damage to any property or any individual.”

Holland’s driving record was previously spotless, as a first-time offender he admits he could see his driver’s license suspended for a minimum 12 months if convicted.

Holland has been Illinois’ auditor general since 1992; he has been twice-appointed to ten-year terms, the most recent came last August by a unanimous vote of the General Assembly.

According to schedule, Holland will appear in Sangamon County Circuit Court on March 24.

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