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How to Handle a DUI Stop

July 26th, 2013 at 10:56 am

RigersThis post is not a lesson on how to get away with a DUI. Drinking and driving is dangerous and unnecessary. The cost of hiring a cab is much smaller than the cost of dealing with a DUI or the danger of getting in an accident. An effective method to avoid having to drive while intoxicated is to have a ‘getting home’ plan before going out; whether by walking, cab, public transportation or a designated driver.

Alas, drivers still find themselves in a tight spot when a police officer pulls them over after a night of drinking. In those cases, drivers should keep the following in mind.

  • Be courteous. Remember, police officers deal with all sorts of people throughout their shift and their patience starts to wear thin.
  • If a police officer asks you to get out of your vehicle, you should comply.
  • However, do not volunteer any information, no matter how innocent it may sound. Being polite does not mean that you have to do the officer’s job for them.
  • More importantly, do not admit to having any beverages or other intoxicating substances. The most common answer a driver who has been drinking gives when asked whether they have been drinking, is that they have only had two drinks; a strong indicator that the real number is north of two.

It is important that drivers provide as little damaging evidence as possible. Police officers work for the State. They gather evidence that state attorneys use to prosecute alleged DUI offenders. Police officers do not have your interest in mind. Another important thing to remember is that a breathalyzer may not be necessary if the police officer has sufficient evidence from other sources, including a field sobriety test, that show one is intoxicated. Most police cars now have cameras on their dashboards and the officers may be wired with microphones, thus catching behavior that may indicate drunkenness.

Drivers are the victims of police overreaching all the time. If you are facing a DUI charge, an experienced Illinois DUI attorney may help.

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