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Fisher Man On Parole Faces DUI Charges

November 16th, 2012 at 7:29 am

A Fisher man, who was already on parole for fatally shooting his friend in 2008 while drunk, has been charged in Champaign County Circuit Court with driving under the influence and harassment. According to a story in The News-Gazette, the man had been drinking in three different bars before driving drunk and causing damage to other people’s vehicles as well.

Randall Huffstutler, 41, was arrested for allegedly using his own truck for ramming a jeep, which he had borrowed to a female coworker, at the home of the woman.

According to State’s Attorney Julia Rietz, Huffstutler had loaned his Jeep to the woman, after which he called the woman more than once and made threats. Among the threats was that Huffstutler would run his truck into the woman’s house.

A police officer was at the woman’s house when Huffstutler arrived. He had open beer in his truck, the front bumper was dented and had purple paint on it, and he smelled of alcohol and seemed intoxicated. The police officer arrested Huffstutler for driving under the influence.

A neighbor had earlier heard what sounded like a car crash, and he could also see that there was damage to a door of a purple Jeep in the driveway. There were tire marks in the grass and a license plate on the ground. The license plate was registered to Huffstutler.

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