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French Actor Gerard Depardieu Driving Drunk on Scooter

January 30th, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Gerard Depardieu, one of France’s most famous actors, was arrested in December for driving drunk on a scooter, according to a story in the Huffington Post. He was picked off after falling off his scooter in Paris. A field sobriety test was performed on the scene, which Depardieu was unsuccessful in passing. The controversial star was taken to a Paris police station and the Paris prosecutor’s office ordered him detained. Police then escorted him home, but he will have to appear in court to handle the matter, according to the Sipa news agency. No one was hurt in the incident.

Depardieu, 63, has experienced run-ins with the law on several occasions. He made the headlines last year when he was removed from a flight to Dublin for urinating in the aisle of a plane before takeoff. In 1998, he was driving his motorcycle drunk with a blood-alcohol level of five times over the legal limit. He crashed the motorcycle and suffered injuries to his legs and face.

Depardieu, who has over 150 film appearances, has become one of France’s most popular and renowned movie stars. In 1991, he received an Academy Award nomination for his role in the film “Cyrano de Bergerac.”

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