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Illinois Law Enforcement Officers Sued for DUI Strip Search

January 3rd, 2014 at 9:12 am

illinois dui lawyerDana Holmes claims that a group of law enforcement officers crossed the line during her DUI arrest last May. Holmes says that she was mistreated, degraded, and required to go through a strip search after she was arrested for driving under the influence in LaSalle County. If you have been arrested for a DUI, it is important to note that you have rights and that mistreatment can affect the outcome of your case. Speak with a licensed DUI attorney for further details.

Holmes has video surveillance to back up her allegations, too. Tape from the arrest demonstrates four officers lifting her and carrying her into a jail cell where they put her face down on the floor and removed her clothes. Holmes admits to feeling helpless and scared during the process. Generally, officers of the same sex are the only ones allowed to remove clothing from an arrested individual. The usual procedure for doing this also requires supervisor permission and the use of a secluded area.

La Salle County Board attorney determined that the officers intentionally performed a strip search, but not with the goal of searching.  After Holmes was required to strip, she was placed in a tear-proof suit and put into a padded room, a move the officers involved say was for her own protection. LaSalle County officials are standing behind the officers responsible for the strip search, arguing that these individuals did nothing wrong and were only carrying out the responsibilities of their jobs.

Mistreatment during the arrest led Holmes to fear that others would return to her cell to sexually abuse her. Even following an arrest, you have rights. If you were cooperative during a DUI arrest and an officer or officers took advantage of that situation, you need to discuss your case directly with a knowledgeable Illinois DUI attorney.

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