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Man Pleads Guilty in Fatal 2012 DUI Crash

August 8th, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Man Pleads Guilty in Fatal 2012 DUI Crash IMAGELate July finally brought the day of reckoning for Daniel Clark, the 32-year-old who in February of last year killed Frank Caruso in a DUI crash that rocked Chicago’s Eisenhower Expressway. Clark pleaded guilty in court this month to charges of drunk driving, according to ABC Local News. “Prosecutors say Clark admitted to having five glasses of wine before getting behind the wheel. They say his blood alcohol level was .249, more than three times the legal limit,” reports ABC. In a sad twist of fate, when he was killed Caruso was in a squad car, having narrowly avoided a different accident just minutes before the fatal crash. Caruso had just gotten off the phone with his girlfriend, assuring her that he was okay after his car slid on the icy highway, when Clark barreled into the back of the squad car where Caruso was sitting and waiting for a tow.

Blurred with his five glasses of wine, Clark did not manage to see the lights flashing ahead of him. Clark plowed into the back of the car at a high speed, killing Caruso and injuring the trooper. “Clark,” according to ABC, “was charged with two counts of aggravated driving under the influence.” The trooper was also badly hurt in the crash, but no update was available as to his condition at the time of Clark’s guilty plea.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and as reported by the Century Council, “32,885 people died in traffic crashes in 2010 in the United States (latest figures available), including an estimated 10,228 people who died in drunk driving crashes.” That figure amounts to a whopping 31 percent of all traffic fatalities. Despite this seemingly high number, drunk driving fatalities are actually down significantly from the early 1980s—“drunk driving fatalities have decreased 52 percent from 21,113 in 1982,” according to the Century Council.

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