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Father Sent to Prison After Killing Daughter In DUI Crash

March 25th, 2013 at 3:12 pm

An Illinois man was sentenced in mid-March to an eight-year prison term for a drunken driving crash that killed his 7-year-old daughter, according to MyFoxChicago. Paul Carlson of Petersburg “tearfully told a Springfield court that he loved his daughter Kealy Carlson ‘more than words can express.’” In 2011, Carlson, 28, was driving a Jeep while intoxicated, when the Jeep went down an embankment and into a ditch. “He was found guilty of aggravated DUI,” according to MyFoxChicago, and the sentence included two years of mandatory supervised release. A relative of the victim’s mother “says the family was satisfied with the punishment,” and even Carlson’s attorney said that his client is an alcoholic and that if he could go back and give his life for his daughter’s he’d do it in a heartbeat. 

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), “adults drank too much and got behind the wheel about 112 million times in 2010—that’s 300,000 incidents of drinking and driving each day.” That same year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and reported by MADD, 211 children were killed in drunk driving accidents. The large majority of these children, 131 (62 percent) were riding with the drunk driver, as was the scenario in the Carlson case. Nearly 30 people die every day as a result of drunk driving crashes in America, costing the United States $132 billion every year. According to the Center for Disease Control statistics, “of the 1,210 traffic deaths among children ages 0 to 14 years old in 2010, 17 percent involved an alcohol-impaired driver.”

Carlson, after serving his prison term, may also be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device in his car and could face community service time as well, according to

If you or someone you know is facing charges similar to those that were brought against Carlson, don’t go through it alone. Contact a dedicated Illinois DUI attorney today.

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Woman Driving without License Kills Two in Chicago

March 18th, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Driving under the influence can have serious consequences for both you and your family, especially when another person is injured or killed. Delia Aguila, 27, a mother of two young children, caused the deaths of two people while driving drunk and speeding, according to the Chicago Tribune. Aguila’s blood-alcohol level was twice over the legal limit and she has never earned a driver’s license. She was charged with two counts of aggravated DUI involving a death.

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Aguila drove over a couple who was changing a tire. A 39-year-old man and 34-year-old woman were killed when Aguila’s Nissan Quest SUV struck them. The man was knocked over and propelled almost 200 feet by the force of the crash, and the woman was thrown nearly 125 feet. The man was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The woman was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where she was pronounced dead a short while later. Aguila was driving about 60 mph swerving from lane to lane before she struck the couple, according to a witness. After the crash, she continued driving and left the scene.
Police found Aguila in her truck, stuck on railroad tracks. Her SUV was badly damaged, for example, the windshield was shattered. Shards of glass were found in Aguila’s hair. She also had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. An open bottle of liquor was on the passenger’s seat. She was taken to a hospital, where a blood test was performed showing she was clearly over the legal limit.

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Man Guilty of Speeding while Under the Influence Avoids Jail

March 11th, 2013 at 8:00 am

Over a year ago, 37 year old Dean Suominen was driving his 2008 Dodge Charger on Odgen Ave in Naperville.  He was driving fast at 142 mph according to the data recorder in his car.  With that amount of momentum, all the car had to do was hit a curb to create a potentially fatal accident in the morning of January 10th in 2012.

The force of Suominen’s car striking the curb sent the car airborne over a parkway and then leapfrogged off of another curb right into the post of a billboard.  Suominen walked away from the crash with minor injuries, whereas, his car was totaled.  Naperville’s Assistant City Attorney Mike DiSanto commented that Suominen “completely annihilated his vehicle.”

When emergency vehicles responded to this accident they verified that Suominen had a blood alcohol level of .20, which is close to triple the legal limit of .08.  Since making this big mistake, the man from Shorewood, Suominen has been trying to do everything right including getting therapy.

Suominen does not have a prior DUI record and was compelled to plead guilty to his first charges of misdemeanor DUI and reckless driving.  Given his remorse, the judge did not sentence him to time in jail for his crimes.  He was sentenced  to two years of probation, 100 hours of community service, counseling, and repay damages for the accident that he caused  totaling $3,000.

Being arrested for driving while intoxicated can potentially harm your future. If you have been charged with a DUI, you should seek out the help of a legal professional.  Contact a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney in Naperville today.

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