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Solid DUI Defense Can Grant Second Chances

November 11th, 2013 at 10:01 am

illinois-dui-mistrialThe U.S. legal system is adversarial, which means that prosecutors will do whatever they can to secure a conviction. Fortunately, DUI defense attorneys can help fight back. DUI defense attorneys are legal advocates who will fight for their clients even when they are guilty in the eyes of the public opinion.

Take the case of John Goodman, for example, whom a jury convicted of DUI manslaughter for causing the death of a young man driving home from college. The details of the crash were gruesome: Mr. Goodman was going at twice the posted speed limit when it ran a stop sign and hit the other vehicle, sending it into a drainage canal. As the car filled up with water, Mr. Goodman decided to flee instead of going to the young driver’s assistance. The young driver drowned.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Goodman was guilty in the eyes of public opinion even before trial began. Mr. Goodman, however, had a true advocate on his side. His defense attorney rose to the daunting task and stuck by Goodman’s side to the end, making sure that he received the best defense possible. During the trial, his attorney was able to secure Mr. Goodman’s release to house arrest instead of jail, not an easy task considering the high profile of the case.

Even after a jury found Mr. Goodman guilty, his attorney never stopped fighting for his client. Through the attorney’s efforts, it became known that one of jurors had engaged in some questionable conduct. This allowed the defense attorney to ask the judge to declare a mistrial, which the judge did and Mr. Goodman will have a new trial in front of an untainted jury.

Independently of whether Mr. Goodman was guilty, his case is a prime example of how a DUI defense advocate can make sure that all legal remedies are exhausted. If you have been charged with a DUI, make sure that an Illinois DUI defense attorney fights for you.

Fisher Man On Parole Faces DUI Charges

November 16th, 2012 at 7:29 am

A Fisher man, who was already on parole for fatally shooting his friend in 2008 while drunk, has been charged in Champaign County Circuit Court with driving under the influence and harassment. According to a story in The News-Gazette, the man had been drinking in three different bars before driving drunk and causing damage to other people’s vehicles as well.

Randall Huffstutler, 41, was arrested for allegedly using his own truck for ramming a jeep, which he had borrowed to a female coworker, at the home of the woman.

According to State’s Attorney Julia Rietz, Huffstutler had loaned his Jeep to the woman, after which he called the woman more than once and made threats. Among the threats was that Huffstutler would run his truck into the woman’s house.

A police officer was at the woman’s house when Huffstutler arrived. He had open beer in his truck, the front bumper was dented and had purple paint on it, and he smelled of alcohol and seemed intoxicated. The police officer arrested Huffstutler for driving under the influence.

A neighbor had earlier heard what sounded like a car crash, and he could also see that there was damage to a door of a purple Jeep in the driveway. There were tire marks in the grass and a license plate on the ground. The license plate was registered to Huffstutler.

If you are facing DUI charges, be sure to have a skilled drunk driving attorney on your side. Our experienced DUI attorneys know how to build you a defense in your case, so do not hesitate. Contact our offices today.

Drunk Man Drives Through Garage Wall

November 8th, 2012 at 12:21 pm

On October 27, one home had a visit from an unusual renovating crew when a Bolingbrook man drove drunk and crashed his van through a home’s garage wall. A few streets away, he first crashed into a parked car. The driver faces charges for driving under the influence, and he was cited for improper lane usage, driving too fast for conditions, and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. The Chicago Tribune reported this unusual story to the public.

Michael D. Karwoske, 36, crashed his Chrysler van into a home around 3:24 a.m., Lt. Mike Rompa from Bolingbrook Police said. Public records indicate that Karwoske resides close by. The police officers who came to the scene of the accident, responding to a call about a vehicle striking a house, found Karwoske standing outside the home after parking his van in the garage through a side wall of the house.

Police believe Karwoske was headed north in the 500 block of Thomas Road when his van hit a parked car, which incidentally sent the van down the road to a driveway of a home, across the lawn and through the wall.

Karwoske was taken to Advocate Bolingbrook Hospital for evaluation after the crash.

According to Rompa, the police investigation is still ongoing.

It is often best to avoid crashing into garage walls when driving your car, and driving drunk is not a good choice either, but if you end up with a drunk driving charge on your hands, at least make sure to get knowledgeable drunk driving attorneys to build you a case. Our experienced Illinois DUI attorneys have helped numerous others with their DUI charges. Do not hesitate; contact our skilled drunk driving defense attorneys in DuPage County, Illinois.

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