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NTB Recommends BAIID for All Convicted First-Time DUI Offenders

September 4th, 2013 at 11:12 am

The National Transportation Board (NTB) recommends that all first time offenders convicted of drunk driving should have ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicles.  Officially referred to as Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID), it is a breath-testing device that a driver must blow into before starting the vehicle. If the reading exceeds a certain blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level, the vehicle won’t start. According to the NTB, only seventeen states currently have the requirement for first-time offenders.

KerryThe board did a study of wrong-way crashes. Crashes where the drivers were going the wrong way on highway access ramps or cross over the median to go the wrong way on highways were in this category. Although relatively rare, these crashes are usually fatal. The study concluded that there are approximately 260 fatal wrong-way crashes per year, resulting in approximately 360 deaths. Drunk drivers caused sixty percent of these crashes.

In Illinois, any first-time DUI offender who wishes to obtain and is eligible for driving relief during the period of statutory suspension is required to have a BAIID installed in their vehicle. If a person has declined the install of a BAIID and is caught driving during suspension, the person is considered guilty of a Class 4 felony. Penalties include possible imprisonment of 1-3 years, a minimum 30 days in jail or 300 hours of community service, and fines up to $25,000.

The offender is responsible for all fees for installation and monitoring of the BAIID. There are several vendors available to choose from, each with varying fee amounts. However, the average cost of the installation is about $80. There is also a monthly fee to rent the device, which is also about $80 per month. And the Secretary of State’s office, which runs the BAIID program, charges a monthly monitoring fee of $30.

Being convicted for driving under the influence can be costly, both financially and personally. If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, contact an experienced DuPage drunk driving attorney to defend you.

New Technology Added to BAIIDs

July 22nd, 2013 at 10:08 pm

dreamstime_xs_19051456When people are convicted of DUI offenses, law enforcement has certain ways to keep them from driving drunk again.  In 2009, Illinois instituted that breath alcohol ignition interlock devices (BAIID) should be installed in the vehicles of parties guilty of drunk driving.

The BAIID requires that the operator of the vehicle to breathe into a device that can stop the car from working if the blood alcohol level of the driver is equal to or higher than .05 percent.  This has worked to varying degrees since the have been installed in cars, with DUIs declining overall since 2009.

Officials maintain that BAIIDs are often misused by the very people they are trying to protect.  Some previous offenders have anyone else blow into the device, including children.  Others have used tanks of compressed air in order to drive drunk.  The problem is so bad that Illinois State administrator Susan McKinney estimates that of the 11,000 drivers with BAIIDs, over 3,000 are caught trying to drive over the limit every year.

Now an attempt is being made to even stop those circumventing these ignition devices. Prior to the 4th of July celebrations, Illinois has started including new technologies in ignition interlock devices. It is a camera which snaps a picture each time the device is used, that way there is no foul play or cheating the test.

Illinois DUI defense attorney Donald Ramsell is a major opponent of this new technology.  Not only does he feel that this is an invasion of privacy but that the measure to add cameras to these devices is not supported by any evidence that proves their necessity.

If you have been pulled over under suspicion of DUI, don’t fight by yourself.  The law office of Donald Ramsell has defended over 10,000 drivers just like you.  Contact their experienced DUI defense attorneys in Wheaton who can advise you through this difficult time.

Seeing Double during DUI Stops

April 7th, 2013 at 8:00 am

sentenced to jailDonald R Limmer of the 700 block of North Loomis St ran into some trouble over the course of ten days in Naperville.  He was apprehended twice while he was driving around, and it just so happened he was charged with driving under the influence.

Sergeant Gregg Bell confirmed that each time, the same officer made the arrest but it wasn’t a case of double vision.  The first occasion was on the 12 of September around noon near the intersection of Aurora Avenue and Fort Hill Drive by the Westridge shopping center.  The police were alerted when a concerned citizen called in a tip after seeing a car travelling on the wrong side of the road.

Almost a full ten days later, Limmer was arrested again around 11:30 pm near Ambassador Drive and Jefferson Avenue.  It was merely a few blocks away from the original arrest.  His inebriation was tipped off by driving 12 miles over the speed limit and failing to yield to the emergency lights of the police car.

Limmer was charged with two counts of driving under the influence, and single counts of driving without insurance, failure to signal during a lane change, and driving on the opposite side of the road for his arrest on September 12th.  For the other arrest on September 22nd, he was charged with two counts of driving while intoxicated, and one count each of failure to signal, speeding, crossing double yellow lines on a roadway, and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.  Limmer also violated his bond for being arrested after his September 12th arrest.

Being charged with multiple DUI offenses can make it very difficult to get back on the road.  An application must be made for a Restricting Driving Permit and also use a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device to use their vehicles.  It is essential to have the help of a legal professional with a history of aggressively defended cases.  Contact an experience DUI defense attorney in Wheaton today.

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