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DUIs for Women on The Rise

September 13th, 2013 at 11:35 pm

DUIs For Women On The Rise IMAGECommon knowledge dictates that the number of DUIs has steadily been declining in recent years. This is true, according to the Illinois DUI Fact Book, released by the office of the secretary of state, Jesse White. In 2009, there were 45,946 arrests for DUI in the state of Illinois, and in 2011, according to the Fact Book, there were 38,704. That’s a decline of nearly 16 percent in just two years, and could be attributed to greater efforts made by the state to not only catch but also to prosecute those slapped with a DUI charge. These same statistics state that 76 percent of DUI offenders are male, with men aged 21–24 ranking with the highest DUI arrest rate, about 17 per 1,000 licensed drivers in the state in 2011. And while all these trends are good news for drivers all across Illinois, there’s another side—a DUI trend on the upswing: women.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “research shows that while the number of male drivers arrested for DUI has seen declines since 1995, the number of female drivers arrested has been rising.” In 2011, women drivers accounted for nearly a quarter of all nationwide arrests for DUI, “compared with about 10 percent in the early 1980s,” according to the Tribune. Cathy Stanley, a former addictions counselor and current Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists’ supervisor, told the Tribune that the increase could be due in part to the sluggish economic situation. “The multiple demands of career, mother, home manager, community volunteer, and related roles became particularly acute in the recession,” she said.

It’s not that women haven’t been alcoholics, Stanley told the Tribune, but with the recession, “more of them are working and so we’re seeing more of them on the roads,” she said. According to the Illinois DUI Fact Book, 85 percent of all people arrested for DUI are first-time offenders. If Stanley’s reasoning is correct, it can be deduced that several of these first-time offenders were women.

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New Study Links Texting while Driving to Drinking and Driving

May 20th, 2013 at 8:00 am

new driverEven before texting while driving became a problem, car crashes have been a leading cause of death for teenagers.  35% of teen deaths were the result of accidents according to statistics from 2009, which is much higher than any other cause.  Teens are more susceptible to getting into accidents because they are new drivers, immature and become distracted by other things.  New information has come to light that nearly half of teenagers text while driving according to a study conducted by the CDC.

4 out of 9 of teens said they sent or received a text while driving in the past 30 days.  12% said that they text while driving everyday. Risky behavior like texting behind the wheel can be one example of teenagers making bad decisions.  But this study shows that one risky behavior often begets another,  including not wearing seat belts as well as driving after drinking alcoholic beverages.

Those who texted while driving were 6 times more likely to drink and drive.  3% of surveyed teens said that they drove after drinking alcohol even though they do not text and drive.  That is compared to 19% of those teens who do text and drive.  Texting teens are also more likely to accept rides from other drivers who have recently drank alcohol.  19 percent of teens who don’t text said that they took rides from drivers who imbibed compared to 34% of teenagers who do text.

If your teen practices dangerous behaviors while driving, it is important to talk to them about safety before they make a bad decision.  But if your teen is already in trouble with the law due to drinking and driving, more help will be necessary.  Contact an experienced DUI defense attorney in Dupage County who can limit the damage to your child’s future.

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Super Bowl Arrests Declining Throughout The Years

February 17th, 2013 at 4:01 pm

MelissaAccording to this article from the Northwest Indiana Times, the number of arrests occurring on Super Bowl Sunday is steadily decreasing every year.

In the past, special patrols and checkpoints were set up, assuming there’d be more impaired drivers on the road after celebrating at a bar or party. However, many police forces in Chicago and Northwest Indiana only added a couple of patrols, checkpoints, or drive-bys. Some forces, such as those in Lansing or Lowell, did not plan on having any additional patrols out.

“It’s pretty quiet down here,” Lowell Police Chief John Shelhart stated. “People go to friends’ houses. There’s not a lot of bar traffic.”

Hammond Police Chief Brian Miller said usually extra patrols will be designated if the sports team is local. He mentioned that when the Chicago Blackhawks were playing for the Stanley Cup, they expected a lot more people to be out and celebrating. Since the teams for this year’s Super Bowl weren’t local, he figured it would be a night similar to any other. He also said that since he’s been on the force, he doesn’t remember any special or unique incidents occurring specifically on Super Bowl Sunday.

No matter what day it is, there are many options available to you if you decide to go out and drink. Calling a taxi or a sober friend, using mass transit, or sleeping it off if you’re at a friend’s house are all good options. As the police motto states: “you drink, you drive, you lose.” If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you will need the help of a knowledgeable lawyer to work on your case. Our firm has defended over 12,000 clients and has over 50 years of experience combined. Contact one of our offices in Rolling Meadows, Naperville, or Wheaton today.

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