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How to Get a Restricted Driving Permit after a DUI

July 19th, 2013 at 11:40 am

RigersSo, now there is a DUI on your record and you have likely lost your license. What to do next? Thankfully, there is help. In Illinois, a person who has lost their license because of DUI may apply for a restricted driving permit (“RDP”). Note that Illinois also allows for reinstatement, but other than a mandatory waiting period, the requirements for it are the same as for a RDP, so we will only focus on the latter.

Here is a step by step overview of the RDP process.

First, the applicant must show that there is an undue hardship because of a job, medical, child, elder or disabled persons’ daycare, school, support group, or community service that a court has ordered.

Second, the applicant must contact a hearing officer to set up a consultation. The Illinois Secretary of State has pre-determined hearing locations. After the consultation, the applicant must complete any alcohol/drug programs within six months of the hearing date. It is worth noting that there different classes of alcohol/drug programs depending on the severity of risk given to an applicant.

Third, applicants will attend a formal or informal hearing. Informal hearings are for single offenses and for offenses that did not involve fatalities, whereas formal hearings are multiple offenses and for those involving fatalities.

Fourth, if granted, the RDP will arrive by mail once the applicant shows proof of insurance, pays an $8 fee, submits evidence of the exemption it is using from the list above, takes a driver’s test (if required), and pays the ignition interlock device (if applicable).

If the RDP is denied, the applicant can ask for a review of an informal hearing through a formal hearing or another informal hearing in 30 days. An applicant must wait for 90 days before another formal hearing.

Though DUI’s are very serious, there is some relief for cases of undue hardship. If you are faced with a DUI, do not fight alone. Have an experienced Illinois DUI attorney fight on your side.

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