Solid DUI Defense Can Grant Second Chances

November 11th, 2013 at 10:01 am

illinois-dui-mistrialThe U.S. legal system is adversarial, which means that prosecutors will do whatever they can to secure a conviction. Fortunately, DUI defense attorneys can help fight back. DUI defense attorneys are legal advocates who will fight for their clients even when they are guilty in the eyes of the public opinion.

Take the case of John Goodman, for example, whom a jury convicted of DUI manslaughter for causing the death of a young man driving home from college. The details of the crash were gruesome: Mr. Goodman was going at twice the posted speed limit when it ran a stop sign and hit the other vehicle, sending it into a drainage canal. As the car filled up with water, Mr. Goodman decided to flee instead of going to the young driver’s assistance. The young driver drowned.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Goodman was guilty in the eyes of public opinion even before trial began. Mr. Goodman, however, had a true advocate on his side. His defense attorney rose to the daunting task and stuck by Goodman’s side to the end, making sure that he received the best defense possible. During the trial, his attorney was able to secure Mr. Goodman’s release to house arrest instead of jail, not an easy task considering the high profile of the case.

Even after a jury found Mr. Goodman guilty, his attorney never stopped fighting for his client. Through the attorney’s efforts, it became known that one of jurors had engaged in some questionable conduct. This allowed the defense attorney to ask the judge to declare a mistrial, which the judge did and Mr. Goodman will have a new trial in front of an untainted jury.

Independently of whether Mr. Goodman was guilty, his case is a prime example of how a DUI defense advocate can make sure that all legal remedies are exhausted. If you have been charged with a DUI, make sure that an Illinois DUI defense attorney fights for you.

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