Texas Man Gets Nine Years for DUI Death

August 26th, 2013 at 1:54 pm

Imagine this: you are sitting at a stop light with your loved one, awaiting your turn. Then, in an instant, your life is over because of another person’s lapse in judgment. This is what happened to Bryan Bulger, who was waiting his turn at a stop light. As he waited with his girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat, another driver, Jason Rymut, slammed into Bryan’s car while driving 83 miles per hour. The force of the impact caused Bryan’s car to crash into a third vehicle. The force of the impact caused massive injuries to Bryan’s head and body, killing him instantly. Bryan’s girlfriend and the driver of the third car survived, as did the drunk driver.

RigsPrior to the crash, Rymut was using his cell phone and the black box in his vehicle revealed that he was driving at speeds reaching 86 miles per hour. During their investigation, police promptly smelled alcohol in Rymut’s breath and blood drawn at the hospital revealed that his blood alcohol content was .121, substantially more than the maximum Illinois allows.

Considering the evidence against him, Jason Rymut opted to plead guilty to charges of aggravated driving under the influence instead of taking a chance with a jury. The judge considered Bryan’s age, the emotional nature of the case, the toll that Bryan’s death had taken on his family and girlfriend, and sentenced Rymut to nine years in prison. The judge stated that Rymut’s decision to drive drunk showed a “callous disregard” for the safety of other people, ultimately taking Bryan’s life, and Rymut should spend his sentence contemplating the “horrific results of his collision.”

Drinking and driving is serious and can have devastating effects on the driver and the public. If you face DUI charges, consult an experienced Illinois DUI attorney.

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