False DUI Reports Lead To Dropped Charges

August 11th, 2013 at 12:20 pm

LauraUnfortunately, some police officers take advantage of their position in authority and use it to hurt other people. When these police officers are involved in DUI charges and cases, the lives of innocent people can change in an instant. Many people who have been charged obtain legal counsel right away to have their rights represented in court, and choosing a qualified DuPage County DUI lawyer is an important decision for anyone in this situation.

In Florida, scandals in the Lakeland police department are drawing all kinds of attention to the wrongdoing at play with DUI claims. Recently, the Florida State Attorney’s office released 38 suspects. The majority of these cases involved alleged DUI charges. Two officers in the Lakeland police department had already admitted to falsifying report information.

Sgt. Ray Lloyd, along with many other officers, was questioned regarding behavior in the department. Lloyd said he was disturbed to hear about the way other officers had handled DUI reports. One officer, David Edds, admitted to putting false information in a DUI report at least several times. One of his examples included partially filling out a report at the scene, only to return to that report several days later to add additional information. When the final report was turned in, he lied about the dates on which he signed.

Officers claimed that their efforts to falsify reports weren’t intended to hurt any of the potentially charged individuals. Rather, the officers purported that what they did was simply intended to speed up the paperwork process. In some instances, officers rushed through completing reports and chose to falsify information rather than fully investigating it because that process would take too much time. Sadly, many of these fake reports were used as evidence in cases against those charged with DUI related issues.

Falsified information can have a detrimental effect on the lives of those charged. If you have been accused of driving under the influence, seek assistance from an Illinois DUI attorney.


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