The Four Levels of DUI Convictions

July 4th, 2013 at 9:52 am

Driving under the influence (DUI) in the state of Illinois is a serious offense. It can not only harm the drunk driver and possible passengers, but it can injure others who are on the road too. Officers are diligent in stopping drunk drivers and the state has set up reasonable convictions to get drivers to stop repeated offenses. Here are the four levels of DUI convictions in Illinois.

  1. Christine/Amanda  R (Dropbox photo)The first offense can take anyone by surprise – maybe the driver did not think they had that much to drink only to realize they went overboard. No matter how much someone has had to drink, the state of Illinois gets their point across with a serious first-time offender conviction. Though it may seem harsh, there is a minimum one year loss of driving privileges. The offender may have to rely on others or public transportation – a daily reminder of the offense. Along with driving privileges taken away, a maximum fine of $2,500 can occur and possible jail time for one year.
  2. The second offense for a DUI can have a maximum fee of $2,500 applied. The offender must also serve a mandatory five day jail term or 240 hours of community service. The courts may also find it worthy to have the offender serve imprisonment for up to one year. If the second offense occurs within a 20-year period of the first DUI, there is a minimum five-year loss of driving privileges.
  3. The third offense automatically takes driving privileges away for a minimum of ten years. The mandatory jail time can be 18-30 months long with a possible term of up to seven years. Along with imprisonment, the offender will have to pay a maximum fine of $25,000.
  4. If convicted of aggravated DUI (where serious bodily harm and or permanent disfigurement occurred), the conviction will be listed as a Class 4 felony. There is a maximum of prison time of 12 years. The offender will also have at least one year with no driving privileges and pay $25,000 in fines. A conviction also includes a mandatory ten days in jail or the choice of 480 hours of community service.

Being accused of a DUI is a serious matter. Convictions are permanently on your record and can hamper your future. Contact an Illinois DUI attorney who will know how to proceed on your case with your best interests at hand should be a priority.

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