New Law Targets Parents involved in Underage Drinking

April 15th, 2013 at 11:51 pm

teen partyA new law was enacted as of January 1st in 2013 that takes aim at adults who try to be “cool” with their children.  It will increase the penalties for parents who have their children or others to drink at their homes.  It stipulates that the parents don’t have to know of this activity and closes a commonly used loophole for parents to claim no liability for their children’s underage drinking.

The law is now a misdemeanor that allows has a fine of $500 for parents who allow their children to drink anywhere on their property.  This is if nothing further happens to the children who are drinking.

If the drinking results in the harm or, even worse, the death of a child, then the punishment is more severe.  The adult can be charged with a felony. This new law has brought the rebuff of some local legal professionals.

DUI attorney Don Ramsell spoke out against this new law.  He felt so strongly about it because the laws harms the relationship between the parents and children.  “The old law carried penalties only when parents actually authorized the drinking or actually knew it was occurring. This new law would put a parent in jail for up to one year simply because they failed to prevent underage drinking on their properties,” he said.

Since the penalties have become so strict, it is important to have an advocate who feels strongly about the law and will fight for you.  If you have been arrested because of your underage child or a DUI then contact an experienced DUI attorney in Elmhurst.

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