Illinois Man Gets 38 Years for Stolen Vehicle, License Revocation and Aggravated DUI

October 26th, 2012 at 5:46 pm

Cornelious Williams, 36, was sentenced Oct. 4 to 10 years for unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle, 10 years for aggravated driving after revocation and 10 years for aggravated driving under the influence (DUI) to be served concurrently in the Illinois Department of Corrections. He was also sentenced to eight years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for aggravated driving after revocation.

The total sentence is 38 years. However, the 10-year sentences are to be served concurrently and the eight-year sentence is to be served consecutively.

At approximately 11:21 p.m., Sept. 8, 2011, an officer was on patrol driving west through the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Street and ran a random registration check on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. It returned as stolen out of Rockford. A traffic stop was conducted. The driver was identified as Williams. The vehicle had been reported stolen by the Kishwaukee Auto Corral.

Williams had the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, slurred speech, bloodshot and glassy eyes, and had admitted to consuming vodka. Williams swayed as he stood. Williams submitted to a blood alcohol test with a result of .08. A check also revealed Williams’ driving privileges were revoked.

Unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle and aggravated driving after revocation are class 2 felonies and have a sentencing range of six to 30 years because of his prior record with three years mandatory supervised release.

Aggravated DUI is a class 4 felony and has a sentencing range of one to six years in the Illinois Department of Corrections and is also probation able. The sentences will be served concurrently on the class 2 felonies.

On all class 2 felonies, the defendant was eligible for class X sentencing because of his prior record. He was extended-term eligible on the class 4 felony.

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