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Off-Duty Officer Driving Drunk, Carrying A Firearm

August 23rd, 2012 at 10:34 pm

Kenosha News reported a story about an off-duty police officer driving under the influence and crashing his car into a tree. D. Nicholas, 24, allegedly drove off the road into a ditch, smashed into a mailbox, and hit a tree in the front yard of a residential building. Nicholas, an Illinois man, was driving in Kenosha when the incident took place.

Nicholas’ accident took place around 12:45 a.m., and when officers responded to the scene, they found a black Dodge Ram against a large tree, with Nicholas stumbling around outside and the airbags deployed inside the car. The reports said part of the tree was knocked down, and the car had notable damages in the front. Nicholas’ breath had smelled like alcohol, and he had refused medical treatment, said one of the officers.

Nicholas was carrying a .380 pistol, and he told the officers he is a police officer in Illinois. He could not, however, provide them with his badge. After Nicholas had failed field sobriety tests, the officers had asked him to do a preliminary breath test which he then refused. He had said he does not want to fight the nurses, but would not give a blood sample either. Nicholas was arrested for drunk driving, but was not charged for being armed while intoxicated.

In addition to being a police officer, Nicholas is also a member of the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists. According to ”Top Cop” statistics on the alliance’s website, Nicholas had made 12 DUI arrests in 2010.

This story is a perfect example of the fact that everyone makes mistakes. If you made a mistake similar to Nicholas’, and you are now facing DUI charges, make sure you have an experienced legal professional to help you. Get the best DUI attorney in Illinois to help you, and contact our drunk driving lawyers today.

Attorney Critical if Illinois DUI Stems From Checkpoint Stop

August 17th, 2012 at 6:07 pm

DUI checkpoints and consequent roadside sobriety testing have become a common practice throughout Illinois. Although the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution affords protections against “unreasonable searches and seizures”, together with “probable cause” requirements, law enforcement use of DUI checkpoints is on the rise.

If you are arrested with DUI at an Illinois roadside sobriety checkpoint, you should contact an attorney skilled at attacking the Constitutionality of such checkpoints as soon as possible. The first thing Illinois DUI checkpoint attorneys would communicate to anyone involved in a DUI checkpoint stop – is that these cases are most definitely fightable.

Illinois law gives an experienced DUI attorney tremendous power to obtain critical information concerning a particular checkpoint’s Constitutional validity. All Illinois checkpoints are not the same, all agencies are not the same, and a number of distinct factors must be examined to determine whether a given checkpoint was in compliance with Constitutional mandates.

The key is that each and every single roadside sobriety checkpoint must be scrutinized to see if it is in compliance with U.S. Constitutional law. There is a great deal of case law and other important material on this subject. This can help one tremendously if charged with a DUI after driving into an Illinois area DUI checkpoint.

It is particularly important in an Illinois DUI checkpoint case that one meet with an attorney experienced in fighting these matters as soon as possible. Facts concerning checkpoint setup and procedure are critical, and memories fade. Documenting exactly what was observed and what happened, step by step can be crucial. Illinois DUI checkpoint attorneys can make the difference saving ones driver’s license from being suspended.

If you are involved in DUI charge from a checkpoint stop, you need the best DUI attorney available in Illinois who can provide you with expert legal advice and guidance throughout your ordeal. Contact a professional drunk driving lawyer today who is on your side with regards to your rights and privileges involving any kind of drunk driving charge.

Cops: Randy Travis Threatened to SHOOT, KILL Troopers |

August 8th, 2012 at 4:09 pm

Cops: Randy Travis Threatened to SHOOT, KILL Troopers |

via Cops: Randy Travis Threatened to SHOOT, KILL Troopers |

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